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August 25th 2020

The  good news is that the new online biomechanics course for professionals is ready to launch. Molly ran a trial session on Saturday, thanks to all who took part, the feedback has been really helpful and is being used to fine tune things. Two course dates are already set and can be booked here,. It's crossed our minds that launching the online version opens the door to all the people dotted around the globe wanting to access the course - watch this space for timeline friendly dates!

Having announced September courses just 3 weeks ago the less good news is they have all been cancelled. Reasons range from problems with venues to the government's newly introduced quarantine restrictions on travel from France.

The Advanced and Introductory Biomechanics courses at Effra Space originally planned for June 6th and 7th will now run on October 3rd and 4th. There are still a few spaces available for the introductory couse.

The Biomechanics for Birth facebook group attracted over 150 new members last week - it's a truely global forum for midwives, doulas and others working professionally in childbirth and pregancy. It's a private forum to network, inform and inspire and all birth workers are welcome

We'd like to welcome Heather Wilkens, and Alex English. Heather has volunteered to take on the task of collating birth stories - midwife and doula accounts the anecdotal accounts of the techniques changing the course of labour - sometime in spectacular style. The hope is that these stories will become a resource for anyone hoping to carry out research into biomechanics and birth. Alex has been working with us helping develop the online courses with accumulated wisdom from work on e-learning and online training and a great set of skills as a graphic designer, video and online media producer. We have to add to that that he's the kind of person who really gets engaged in his projects and his technical knowledge, fantastic application of his skills and whole hearted commitment have been invaluable. Anyone needing someone who can combine graphic design and proof reading along with a whole skill set bridging the two extremes should really have a word with him!

Why Optimal Birth?

image "Galactic Baby" copyright Cat Fancote - all rights reserved https://birthphotographyperth.com.au/"Galactic Baby" -award winning image from Cat Fancote - all rights reserved https://birthphotographyperth.com.au/

Over the past few years, there have been times when the debate about childbirth and especially choices about how and where to give birth, have become deeply polarised. As always, the media have been quick to reduce the debate to extremes, pitting dire warnings of “certain death if a baby is born at home” against "natural birth at any price".

While these extreme views do exist among birth practitioners they are rare, but any birth practitioner not blindly wedded to the guidelines will acknowledge there is much about the status quo in many obstetric units that work actively against "a good birth". It’s also recognised that challenging institutional drivers of practices can be very difficult, even those with little or no evidence to support them.

As a midwife my role is to help women have the best birth possible. I understand the medical model plays an important role but I also believe many interventions are used inappropriately. All too frequently attempts to question mainstream practice tends to degenerate into a “natural birth versus managed birth” argument. That’s the wrong debate. It should be “how birth practitioners can embrace best practice to make sure all women can have an optimal birth”.

This site was initially created to publicise my planned post retirement business, teaching women the approaches to labour and birth I’d evolved to help them have the best birth possible. Events have pushed me from antenatal teaching into a roving trainer for professional colleagues who are motivated by the same urge to help women have an “Optimal Birth”. It's taken over my life over the past 18 months - one of the positives of the enforced break is having time to develop online resources for both pregnant women and colleagues - no more excuses for delays!

Courses for Pregnant Couples - Online

mother and baby heart 300px Lockdown has forced us to develop new ways of offering antenatal services - "Moving for an Easier Birth" offers a wealth of information about positions, movements and rebozo techniques that can help labour progress, manage discomfort through labour and help carry baby more comfortably.


Biomechanics for Birth Professionals

pelvis drawing 500px pelvis

Biomechanics for Birth Professionals teaches techniques and strategies helpful for any labouring women but especially for women with malpositioned babies and those experiencing long labours. Lockdown has delayed over 30 courses - we are tentatively arranging new dates - follow the link for details

Advanced Biomechanics

bjsports 2018 December 52 23 1497 F1largeThe advanced biomechanics course is for birth workers who have been putting the knowledge from the biomechanics course into practice. It explores the subject in greater depth and is an essential step for anyone wanting to teach. Covid permitting the first course is on Saturday October 3rd 2020 - it's fully booked at present 



Biomechanics for Birth - Online

floating globe 175Biomechanics for Birth Online delivers everything taught in live courses - the format is different. A mix of pre-recorded videos, live zoom presentations and workshops on the practical elements. The course is  delivered with Molly's panache, avoiding  Covid restrictions and as an unexpected plus - it opens the door to birthworkers around the world who want to access this information - time zone friendly versions coming soon - vector created by kjpargeter 

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