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A collection of resources aimed mainly at practioners (mums are welcome too!)  - In the videos section we have talks on facebook and zoom interviews with specialist practioners explaining their practice adn giving examples of ways their understanding of how the body works can help through preganancy birth and beyond.

Birth Stories are accounts from midwives and otehr birth worker who are using biomechanics techniques in their practice and the way they have helped change outcomes. All practitioners are invited to add their experiences in this section, The aim is to build a collection of anecdotal evidence and a data base of pratitioners who are receptive to approaches from anyone wanting to carry our research in biomechanics. 

We'll be adding more sections as time allows - maybe a bibilography next?

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New antenatal materials and training for doulas and antenatal educators

MFEB logo and words smallWe've been asked for a long time to create an accreditation scheme for birth educators - hypnobirth teachers, yoga instructors, doulas working one to one - you know who you are! Molly has been running "Moving for an Easier Birth" for the past 5 years, first as a face to face and then, with covid, as an online zoom course.
We are now converting it into a stand alone LMS based course

Birth Stories

Rosie and Sonny

Practitioners describe births where they've put their deeper understanding of biomechanics to good use in intrapartum care

practitioner videos

Rosie and Sonny

a selection of presentations from midwives, body workers with special areas of interest and interviews and presentations from Molly.