training opportunities

web enabled midwives celebratingIt's becoming clear that Molly can't keep up with demand for biomechanics training and that we need to find ways of making the information she teaches more widely available.

With this in mind, late last year, we invested in "Learnworld",  a frighteningly complex "LMS" (Learning Management System) - and set our long suffering all round techie whizz kid Alex English the task of finding his way through it's complexities. Our aim is to create self guided on line courses that teach the theory of the face to face and live zoom courses and to begin the process of training trainers to teach the practical elements of the courses. This page will carry details of how we hope things will work out and links to beta versions of courses for you to visit and hopefully let us know about any changes, flaws or bits of wonderment you find as you go along. The antenatal training Molly has been teaching face to face then as a live zoom course in covid times is the first course to get the treatment and it should be complelted late June/early July


New antenatal materials and training for doulas and antenatal educators

MFEB logo and words smallWe've been asked for a long time to create an accreditation scheme for birth educators - hypnobirth teachers, yoga instructors, doulas working one to one - you know who you are! Molly has been running "Moving for an Easier Birth" for the past 5 years, first as a face to face and then, with covid, as an online zoom course.
We are now converting it into a stand alone LMS based course