Advanced Biomechanics

The advanced course is for anyone wishing to build a deeper understanding of the physiology of birth. It's the next step for practitioners interested in teaching, research or a deeper understanding of the birth process. The course is open to anyone who has attended a foundation course and able to bring at least three examples of their experience of putting biomechanics into practice.


Advanced Biomechanics Online 24th January 2022

24-01-2022 9:30 am -5:30 pm
advanced course £90 - Students £60
Advanced Biomechanics Online 24th January 2022

muscles front view

Molly O'Brien has become a full time freelance teacher after a 20 year career as a full time clinical midwife in the NHS. Her career has been characterised by a passion to use and develop midwifery skills that help women keep birth normal.

This advanced course is for birth workers who have already attended Molly's biomechanics course and have recorded at least three case studies of biomechanics in action (antenatal or intrapartum) - These case studies will be an element of the interactive part of the day

It offers a a more in depth understanding of biomechanics and the physiology of birth including the role of psoas muscles and myofascia, more techniques and positions to relieve dystocia, working with epidurals, a discussion of common midwifery and medical practices that can hinder the birth process, brainstorming "making it mainstream", case studies, and pathways to research and much more.. It is also an essential element of training to teach Optimal Birth's  "Moving for an Easier Birth" birth preparation classes and for anyone wanting to train professionals

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